Hornet & Wasp Removal for Blue Ridge


To your solution! Our Hornet & Wasp Removal services have been perfected over 12+ years, beginning in the Johns Creek area where we began. We have expanded over the years to cover most of North Georgia and have had the pleasure of offering our Pest Control Services to the Blue Ridge community for years and we look forward to many more.

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Bald-faced Hornets

(Which are relatives of the Yellowjacket wasp and so are not true hornets!)

Bald-faced Hornets, like their close cousin the Aerial Yellowjacket, and so they build their hives exclusively above ground but choose a suitable location (such as in a bush, tree, or under the eaves of a building) and create a paper layer to protect it. While they can be beneficial in controlling pest insects if their hive is on your property and below 30 ft high they will pose a problem that should not be ignored and in addition to this each hive will create many fertilized queens that will take shelter during winter to emerge in the spring and create a new one possibly multiplying your issues. These insects can be less aggressive when the hive is small but as it grows their numbers increase as does the aggression.

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Bald-faced Hornet Hive in a Bush

These can be difficult to see depending on the size of the hive and its location in the bush. These are unfortunately often discovered when doing yard work and trimming the bush that contains the hive.

Hornet/Wasp Hive Removal – $

Bald-faced Hornet Hive in a Tree

Another difficult one to spot! They start small, roughly the size of a lime, and can become larger than a basketball.

Hornet/Wasp Hive Removal – $

Bald-faced Hornet Hive on a Structure

Another common location for these insects. This location poses additional issues because the hive is slow to decay, leaves behind an adhesive residue that is hard to get rid of, and houses lots of roaches once abandoned…gross!

Hornet/Wasp Hive Removal – $


Yellowjackets, like the above Bald-faced ‘hornets’, are beneficial predators of pest insects but having a hive on your property is certainly an issue for you and your neighbors. They build their hives in enclosed areas for protection whether that is in the ground, in a structure, or anything else that has enough space or can be expanded to suit the growing hive. While they typically only attack when provoked this often happens unintentionally with lawn equipment if they are in the ground which can result in being stung many times.

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Yellowjacket Hives in the Ground

One of the most common locations for Yellowjackets and often the location that poses the highest risk of stings. While these hives are often only used for one year the issue is that each hive creates multiple fertile queens that will take shelter during the winter (called overwintering) and emerge in the spring to create a new hive. This means your issues could multiply by the very next year.

Hornet/Wasp Hive Removal – $

Yellowjacket Hives in a Structure

While rarer than an underground hive these are nonetheless a common occurrence. These hives have the largest potential to be perennial as they are sheltered from the elements and the colder temperatures in the winter and so, therefore, have to be removed.

Hornet/Wasp Hive Removal – $$

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